Salacia Oblonga

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Salacia is a plant that is indigenous in India as well as Sri Lanka. The stem and root are used to create medicines and have a long tradition of treating diabetes in Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine. Mugs made of Salacia wood are utilized by those who have diabetes to drink their water. Apart from managing diabetes, Salacia can treat gonorrhea irritation, asthma and joint pain (rheumatism) and obesity, menstrual disorders, and thirst. The plant’s properties are well-known for its ability to control blood sugar and regulate it. Let’s examine the advantages of using Salacia oblonga, which is discussed in the following paragraphs:

  • Helps to Control Blood Sugar
  • It can help in reducing swellings within the body as well as the nerves
  • Strengthening the nerves in the eyes.
  • Improves Digestion
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Effective in treating patients with asthma.

2 reviews for Salacia Oblonga

  1. Ajay Chawla

    I am having Type-2 diabetes and was looking for a natural product to control it when I found these capsules from Jaifsha. After using it for a month I feel more active than before.

  2. Palwi Agarwal

    I tried different medicines for my diabetes when I came across this product. I take one capsule in the morning and evening and my blood sugar levels are in control. 120-140 is my sugar level after taking these capsules.

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